Corporate Perspective

A former Director of Human Resources for a major Madison employer judged the outplacement services provided by Dr. Richert to be of great value. “In all good conscience, I believe providing outplacement services to a long-term employee is an easy way to assist them map out his/her future. Just because someone no longer fits into your scheme does not mean that they do not have something to offer another organization.”

Client/Candidate Perspective

Human Resources Director (32 years)
“In the past I have contracted with John Richert to assist terminated employees secure another position. Recently I had the opportunity to experience their services first hand. Their emphasis on a “holistic” approach helped me locate a position I would never have uncovered on my own. The value of the services I received was second to none!”

Manager Health Care Systems
“In my situation, I found it impossible to relocate because of my wife’s business responsibilities. John Richert helped me focus and fine tune my employment search through career counseling, psychological assessment, and networking opportunities. Thus, I was able to locate a position at a better salary in a related field. I am thankful I had a seasoned outplacement professional to guide me.”

Alumni Perspective

As a prospective client of The Emerald Group, we thought it would be beneficial to provide a compilation of some of our former outplacement clients. Dr. Richert has assisted over 250 individuals through outplacement.

Over the past several years outplacement services have been provided to retail employers, banks, insurance companies, architectural firms, the University of Wisconsin, long-term health care providers, hospitals, manufacturing employers, newspapers, non-profit organizations, mail order companies, and credit unions. We are proud of the diverse nature of our clients and are always prepared to make new inroads.

Specifically, we have provided services to C.E.O.’s, Senior Vice Presidents, and managers, as well as secretaries, engineers, and sales representatives. In addition, our alumni include individuals who specialize in marketing, operations, production, while others areas of expertise include customer service, sales, human relations, accounting, purchasing, legal and design functions.

Our alumni have compiled an outstanding track record. Although we boast alumni on both coasts and in many of the major metropolitan cities, the vast majority of our clients wish to remain in Wisconsin. Overall, they have been able to secure employment, in a location and at a salary of their choice.

If you are interested in how The Emerald Group can help your business, please contact us at (608) 233-1759. Through the use of outplacement services, you can turn a potentially negative situation into a winning proposition for all involved.

Presidential Perspective

Thirty years of experience in career counseling has given John H. Richert, Ph.D., a solid foundation on which to build The Emerald Group. Highlights of his resume include 25 years in education as a College President for two mid-western colleges, Dean of Education for St. Johns University in New York, Dean of Students, and Director of a University Placement Office. In these positions, John was called on to design programs or perform hands on career counseling for faculty and students alike. He has been providing outplacement services to clients in the Dane County region for thirteen years. John Richert offers a hands-on, intensive person-to-person approach to outplacement.

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