6 Step Process
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The Emerald Group performs the Educational Searches for Wisconsin Executive Search Group Ltd. Dr. John Richert has over 35 years of experience in education.

School districts differ greatly in their needs for administrative leadership and in their expectations of a District Administrator for a School District. Likewise, candidates for these positions have different strengths and limitations. Therefore, a search for a District Administrator is a process of finding the right person for a particular set of conditions.

Consultants, too, differ greatly in their approaches to a search for a School District Administrator. Each search process will probably include advertising the open position within a network of recognized educational circles. Some Search Consultants will open their file of candidates from previous searches to find the right match for a School District’s needs. Other Search Consultants may post the open position on various educationally related web sites and hope that the “right candidate” will find the posted vacancy and apply for it. None of these processes utilized alone or in tandem will bring the best candidates to the Board of Education’s attention.

It is our belief that when a position is advertised as vacant the respondents, in general, are the very best of the “unemployed”, “unhappy” or “unsatisfied” candidates in the marketplace. These applicants in conjunction with the many “want to be” candidates generally provide the nucleus of the candidate pool that conventional methods of searching for a District Administrator will provide to a School District.

John H. Richert, Ph.D., President of The Emerald Group, LTD., implements personal networking and recruiting methods that discovers and identifies candidates who are already doing a great job in their current position and are not actively seeking another position. Our recruited candidates, through repeated conversations with our staff, are often individuals who are willing to keep an open ear to new and challenging leadership positions in education. They are, for the most part, individuals who are willing to keep their “options open” and learn more about the vacancies that could lead to more challenging positions.

Our search process is also distinguished by a “hands on” approach to learning more about the School District and using those results in assisting the Board of Education in building a Superintendent Profile of desired skills and characteristics for potential candidates for the District Administrator’s position. The “desired profile” will be used by our search team to recruit appropriate candidates for the district’s consideration.

Our approach to recruitment distinguishes us from other search consultants:

We Focus On The Needs Of Your School District
To Find The Best Candidate.

Selected Searches Conducted In Wisconsin:
  • Arcadia School District - Superintendent
  • Augusta School District - Superintendent & HS Principal
  • Boyceville Community School District - Superintendent
  • Browndeer School District - Superintendent
  • Fox Point/Bayside J2 School District - Superintendent
  • Hartland/Lakeside J3 School District - Superintendent
  • McFarland School District - Superintendent & HS Principal
  • Pepin Area School District - Superintendent
  • Reedsburg School District - Superintendent
  • Viroqua Area School District - Superintendent
  • Whitnall School District - Superintendent

Our Commitment to Excellence ensures:

  • Active recruiting for the position, not just advertising
  • Beyond the local and regional scene to national recruiting
  • Time spent learning about the needs and challenges of your district
  • Focused recruiting, based on your needs, to produce more qualified candidates
  • Thoroughness - from the interview to site visits to candidate acceptance

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